Welcome to Forest Homeopathy

As a registered homeopath I provide a homeopathic service from my home practice in Forest Gate, East London. I also practice at a Children's centre in Tower Hamlets, so providing a service to patients from all over East London and including Stratford, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead, East Ham and Tower Hamlets.  Postal districts: E7, E15, E6, E12, E10, E11, E16 and E20.  I treat men and women of all ages including pregnant women, babies and children.

I have worked in the NHS for many years as a qualified Health Visitor, former Nurse and Midwife and have found great personal benefits from homeopathy, leading me to establish my own homeopathy practice in 2006. Combining my clinical background with my experience and training in homeopathy I am in a special position to understand the issues underlying emotional and physical problems and therefore help my patients work towards a state of well being. Many patients choose to see me because of my links with and understanding of conventional medicine and NHS services. 

Homeopathy is described by homeopaths as a holistic health system which deals with mental, emotional and physical problems. It seeks to understand the underlying cause of illness whether it is grief, trauma, stress, the environment, toxicity or drugs. Instead of suppressing symptoms which often happens with conventional medicine, it will stimulate the body's natural tendency to heal itself and bring about a more balanced state.

Many people come to see me  when they cannot find an answer from conventional medicine. Other people choose homeopathy because they want to consider a natural answer to their health problems.

Please browse through the website for information on how I can support you on your journey to good health. If you are new to homeopathy or if you would like to try its benefits but are unsure about what to expect, please click here.

Do feel free to contact me with any questions you may have before considering a consultation. My email address is janhomeopathy@gmail.com